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You think I should add something here. So far the Boss has added a category for No ADHD, Just Life and a category for ADHD With More Than One Diagnosis. Hed like to add a separate category for ADHD With No Symptoms. Hes also wondering if he should add a category for I Have ADHD, But I Have No Symptoms. Hes already decided it wont be a good idea, so he can get some information about you, but youll have to wait for him to get back to you. Youre not the first person hes had these thoughts about, though, so youre not about to be the last. You can waitWell, you could wait a little longer than you probably should. During that time, you do a bit more of your homework. You also try to catch up on any other work that the Boss left undone. You figure you have enough time to finish some of it. When the time is up, the Boss comes back to meet you. Its really starting to stink in the big city, You say to the boss. Its just kind of depressing, if thats what youre getting at. I want to go back to my little town. So youll come back with me when we get to the city. Well yes, but I dont think we should take all of the people we left behind with us. Id really like to go back to my little town. You get the impression that your boss is already making up his mind as to what youll be doing, but you do your best to make yourself sound interested. You agree to go with the BossAfter a bit of deliberation you decide to go with your boss. You dont feel like you need to come up with an excuse. It really isnt your fault if you get to go back with him.

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