Adele posted several photos of herself & Rich Paul amid split rumors

Adele is a complicated woman. She seeks and finds a great deal of privacy, but then she also wants to be publicly demonstrative with the guy she loves. I think this is what’s happening at a fundamental level with Rich Paul. She wants to be in love and keep the relationship on lockdown but she also wants everyone to know about it and speculate about it. When she wore that huge pear-shaped diamond on her left hand at the BRIT Awards, she knew there would be engagement speculation and she did it anyway. Then she played too-coy about engagements and baby plans on Graham Norton’s show days later. Reportedly, Rich Paul was not happy about any of it (especially since they don’t actually seem to be engaged).

Then Adele and Rich didn’t even spend her birthday together – he was in Miami, she was seemingly in LA. A suspicious People Magazine story cropped up days later, with a source insisting that Adele and Rich are still together but that they spend a lot of time apart because of work. Adele knew that we were talking about how she and Rich are probably going to break up soon. So she decided to post a bunch of photos of him on her Instagram… which definitely makes it look like they’re moving in together, or that they’ve bought a house together? So… she wants us to think that, she wants us to believe they’ve moved in together. Or is this just another “engagement ring”? I don’t know. I really don’t.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram.

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