Actually, there are many male celebrities suffering from hair …

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There are other male celebrities whose beards are in worse condition than that mans. So, whycs he not with hair pieces, hair plugs, hair systems. I,magine thats a lot of man-hours of work: a lot of money. You are also at the brink of saying I would or similar if you didnt know what you actually should do. For all you know this could be a last resort; you may have to resort to this because there is nothing else you can do for your loved one. You call the next numberThe second number you dial is one that you never thought you would need to dial. But then you realize that your situation could become so dire that you would be unable to do anything else, such as seeking out help from a therapist or some other kind of professional assistance. You want to try to save your loved one as quickly as possible. When you have called the number, there is a very pleasant voice on the other end of the line who is very interested in hearing more about your situation. Though it takes awhile for her to listen to you, she does eventually do so. M sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if. You try to think of the best way to respond to this question. Do you think maybe you could do something about it, or do you think I just have nothing to lose by trying. You say I think I can help youI think I can help you, You say, hoping your answer is good enough.

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