Actors Robert De Niro and Alec Bladwin were among several celebrities who spoke out …

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This is going to turn this country around because its not going to be a bunch of liberals who are going to be trying to destroy the country. I have to put myself first and I have to do everything I can, as an American, to help you in this cause. And thats why Im going to go the extra mile by setting up a fund-raiser for you guys. And I know we never speak much anymore, but I want you to know how much I care about you. Im going to give you all the money that I can and Im going to promise you that youll see me again later. As promised, this is where Im going to ask for your help. Im setting up a big fund-raiser to help Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Every donation received will go towards this effort and Ill have you all share in it together. I know youre tired and you may be feeling like youve lost your purpose in life, but I believe if you stick together, together we can make this country great again. I pray that youll all help me keep this promise. TrumpDONALD TRUMPIf you havent already done so, please click the donate button above and help this great man. You can donate a small amount for any amount or a larger amount to help ensure the future of America. If you dont feel right donating directly to Donald, you can also donate through the GoFundMe website and make sure you say that you want to contribute to the Trumps. Finally, you can also encourage others to donate by sharing this article. If you have any questions or comments, dont hesitate to post them below. If not, thank you for your continued support and see you in the next post. You know you have no time to deal with these kids. It has nothing to do with being a father and everything to do with your own responsibilities and the fact that theyre only six-years old. You need people to protect the Trump House and the kids will help you out by taking them away from the other children. The first person you suggest is the only adult you see qualified.

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