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If you havent got it in you to read it all, heres the list of famous people who have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hollywood Star, 1976, Diane Keaton, 1940-. Hollywood Star, 1998, Martha Plimpton, 1932-.

You decide to leave the list at that and go see Dr. After the elevator door closes and you are alone you begin to study the list more closely. The first entry you see is for actor Chris Pratt. A quick search of his name and you find that he is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, having had a long career and a successful and acclaimed film career to boot. His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame doesnt seem to be quite as impressive though. Youre about to ask the doctor about it when you notice some extra information is under his name that catches your eye. Pratt is also one of the many people that youve come across that suffers from the rare and severe form of Cancer known as Astrocytoma. It is a disease that causes cancerous growths to form inside the brain and spinal cord. In any case, it is another piece of information that makes you wonder exactly how far the actor has come that you dont know about it. Maybe you could ask him if he has had cancer. You dont ask himIf you start nagging him about his condition right now, youre not sure if hes going to be receptive to your questions. Besides, youre not sure if it would be a good thing to have him think youre prying into things. All right, youre going to go ahead and go ahead and ask him if he has any health conditions when you visit him and get more information from him. The elevator doors open and you make your way to the doctors office. When you arrive, you see a man of middle age in a white lab coat standing in front of a small desk. Zoltar is staring at a thick stack of papers on the desk and is listening intently to what youre saying. He asks in a tone that is filled with interest and not at all creepy. Id like to ask you a few questions about myself and some health conditions that may be affecting my behavior. Zoltar looks at you over the top of the papers hes been reading and then continues reading the papers. And I suppose you are interested in knowing how sick you are. Hmmm, I know you are, because of all the tests that are run on healthy people. We would never let you in here if there was any doubt about your health.

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