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You have never seen a movie made by Robert Zemeckis. Re running out of things to do is when you have to go grocery shopping. How do you rate yourself in different hobbies and pastimes, if any I guess my hobbies would lie more in the I know how to entertain other people and I love to laugh categories. Ll admit to occasionally playing a little guitar sometimes. I never really play the piano, but I have a couple of friends who play one at a house where one of my grandkids lived as a kid. S now and they still play it for me whenever we get together. Ve seen a few movies in the last few years I guess. Ve seen, I think people would be impressed by my acting. Ve played a couple of the casino games a couple of times in my life. The only sports games I play are ones that have to do with superheroes. Those are always the ones that cause the most of the audience, I guess because we all love superheroes. Sigh, Well my favorites would probably be The Brady Bunch and The Waltons.

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