Aaron Rodgers Defended by Fans After Being Trolled by Bears Dick Butkus Over Shailene Woodley Split

Fans come to the Green Bay Packers player’s defense after the Chicago Bears’ legend takes hilarious jabs at the quarterback and the ‘Divergent’ actress’ alleged separation.

AceShowbizAaron Rodgers has found support in his fans. Shortly after the Chicago Bears’ legend Dick Butkus trolled the Green Bay Packers quarterback over his alleged split from Shailene Woodley on social media, his loyal supporters came to his defense.

On Thursday, February 17, the 79-year-old NFL legend took to his Twitter account to take playful jabs at Aaron’s alleged breakup from the “Divergent” actress. “Every time i try to engage here my phone gets interrupted by someone named shailene whatsapp,” he tweeted.

In a separate Twitter post, Dick hilariously set the record straight that he played no role in Aaron and Shailene’s split. “For all of you who have asked i am not the reason shailene woodley and @AaronRodgers12 have broken up,” he quipped.

Dick Butkus took playful jabs at Aaron Rodger and Shailene Woodley’s split.

Upon learning of Dick’s social media posts, many of Aaron’s fans slammed the sports commentator. “79 years old and still writing this???” one Twitter user replied to the post. Another chimed in, “You’re enjoying yourself too much. Once a packers hater, always a packers hater.”

“I know we hate the Packers but personal insinuations are deplorable. If only we could keep it so we only criticize the playing staff without getting too personal,” a separate person criticized Dick’s comments. “Rodgers was a great QB and we’re jealous he never played for us.”

Meanwhile, others believed that the tweets weren’t written by Dick himself. “No way this man writes all of these himself,” one person said with someone else agreeing, “I AGREE NO WAY HES WRITING THESE HIMSELF.”

As for Aaron and Shailene, they reportedly called it quits a little more than a year after they announced their surprise engagement as “neither of them was happy.” An insider claimed, “While Shailene is supportive of Aaron’s career, he put football first and they were barely spending any time together.”

A separate source said that the football player and the “The Fault in Our Stars” actress “couldn’t make it work.” The informant shared, “There were too many obstacles. They’re both adults and decided to part amicably.”

Aaron and Shailene allegedly “fell hard and fast, but it was a mismatch from the start.” Upon noticing their separation, an informant said that “no one in their circle is surprised this didn’t work out.” The insider went on to say of the couple, who first began dating in July of 2020, “In the bubble of the pandemic, it was easy for them to fall in love and focus only on their relationship but that’s not real life.”

A separate source informed Us Weekly that the pair “certainly had their differences and ultimately their relationship didn’t work.” The so-called insider added, “They thought were a good match for each other in the beginning but the more they got to know each other they realized their careers, their interests [and] their political views weren’t aligned.”

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