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Thats all four cities that you think might be interested in voting on whether or not they would like to have a new facility for us to use the money raised from the vote. You vote yesYour vote was a resounding yes, and you were officially elected to join the beautiful people of our lovely city of beauty. You have been accepted into The City of Beauty. You go visit the voting centersYou immediately went to the voting centers, the first was the Beauty City Shopping Center, located in the same city as the previous city, Chicago. The second, was located in the lovely town of Beauty, Louisiana. There was also a center in the beautiful city of Minden, which was in the state of Louisiana. You visit the Beauty City Shopping Center. You walked inside Beauty City Shopping Center, the place was really neat. Everything was organized with everything you would want to visit for a day, not just about Beauty, but the whole world. There were signs saying things like Beauty City, and the like. There were people inside the place, and you noticed that there were various signs hanging out about various things that you might be interested in, if you had any interest in such things. The shopping center was pretty empty, so you went in, and found that most of the stores were closed, however there were some open that you noticed. You saw a clothing store full of various colorful clothes and clothing with different things printed on the garments. You saw a jewelry store full of different sorts of jewelry and some other things. You saw a stationery store full of different sorts of stationery and pens. You saw a beauty supply store with various sorts of make up and other things. You saw a hair care products store full of various sorts of hair products and other things. You saw an electronics store full of various sorts of electronics and other things. You saw a fitness store full of various sorts of things to help you in your day-to-day life. You saw a restaurant, full of different sorts of foods and food that you might want to eat on a day-to-day basis. You saw a drug store full of various sorts of drugs and other things. You thought about the places you had been to before. You then remembered your friend Kelly. You had seen a sign for her jewelry store that she had left, not knowing where it was, and had looked for it. As you were thinking about this, you realized Kelly needed to come with you right now because, in her case, she was also a person. You go to get KellyYou entered Kellys jewelry store, and noticed all the jewelry they sold was really pretty and pretty much in every color that you could want, and that she had quite a lot of it.

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