A very intriguing form of Oregano, this forms a low trailing mound of …

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Origanum Kent Beauty: Origanum Kent Beauty. You head to the pub, and you look around. It doesnt look like you have to worry about making a fool out of yourself or being rude, since you are pretty sure that most of the people there know what you are talking about. You take a seat at a table across the table from some guy that you dont recognize. Dont worry, no one is going to ask you how you got the shirt. Ve obviously been buying a lot from me over the past couple days. You take a swig, which you guess he was giving you. You remark as you feel the effects of the oregano. You and Nick exchange pleasantries for a bit while you are still enjoying the smell of the oregano. When you finish, Nick asks you how you want to play his newest game. Ll probably help you on your journey.

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