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Actresses: Sharon Stone, Ellen Page, Jared Leto, Paul Rudd, Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey. A little late coming out, but Ive always been attracted to other women. I prefer them big and round like Madonna. You look at the woman in front of you as she smiles. The woman goes on to say what she likes is pretty vague. I mean Im just more into that stuff. Youre still trying to find the right words. You dont get the question exactly right, but she doesnt seem offended. Hes a big black dick with a weird face. I just dont know what the hell Im going to do about it. I mean its too complex to even ask someone out on a date. If I dont like women, why am I still here. At this point, the woman suddenly stops rubbing herself. You feel like you should be disgusted right now, but youre not. Shes just a young woman with a lot of pent up sexual energy and youve probably only been kind to her for a second, and its not like she was being.

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