A Star Is Born is the soundtrack album to the 2018 musical film …

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If this is the case, and if A Star Is Born is indeed an American musical drama film, then it is the 1st of the New American Film Era, which originated along with the New Hollywood Era of the Hollywood of the early to mid-1970s. The plot of A Star Is Born is a dark romantic drama film centered around three women, the beautiful star, the sexy singer, the rebellious dancer, and the mysterious writer. Their conflict is how their respective talents are being misused and abused by their respective producers and bosses. The plot of A Star Is Born is the 1st in 2 of the New American Film Era, which also includes:1. The Lady Eve movie, with Jane Fonda and Lucille Ball, released in 1973, which follows a married woman and her cheating lover, and was considered controversial, in part due to the films plot, 2. The Lady Chatterley movie, with Barbara Stanwyck and Audrey Hepburn, released in 1977, which follows the life of a rich, aristocratic woman, butler to one of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and their maids – the three main characters were criticized by critics for being too happy-go-lucky and sentimental. The Lady Macbeth movie, with Julie Andrews and Ian McKellen, released in 1983, which follows the courtesan girl of an English family, also criticized by critics for being too happy-go-lucky. The Three Musketeers film, with Sean Connery, Jean Harlow and Christopher Lee, released in 1987, which follows a trio of mercenaries, including the masked and cackling Musketeer, the wise wizard Morpheus and the loyal soldier Renault. Both the films story and its characters were criticized by critics for being melodramatic, too happy-go-lucky and not sufficiently violent. The plot of A Star Is Born, with its stars and characters of which you have heard of through other media, is also reminiscent of these other New American Film Era movies, although the plot is not really similar because all these movies share a common theme, though each has their own way of presenting that theme. The films title is a pun on the phrase A star is not born, which is a misquote of Isaac Asimovs original sentence A star is not born. Another example of a star is the star that is seen when you turn on the flashlight in the dark in the bedroom of the cabin that you are staying in. A star is also a kind of flower that has been grown as a result of chemical reactions in the atmosphere, for example, when you look at starry night sky in the middle of the night, there is a star in the place of the moon.

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