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People are distracted by too much, too quickly. If you are to succeed, youll need to do things differently than most people do, and youll need to be a lot more subtle. The problem is, all of the people you have ever talked to have expressed their concerns to you of your actions, and how they would like to be you. They want to take the advice of your previous conversation and do things your way. You continueAfter all, it is you who has a history of helping the people around you to make their lives a little more comfortable. Why shouldnt there be a little more loyalty in that direction. You go to the grocery store, and your mind wanders as you think about the people you have ever talked to, how you have sometimes felt that it was their responsibility to you, or maybe to yourself. There was the time you sat in the back of a moving school bus, holding the hand of a girl in the front row, crying when the bus drove over a bumpy part of the road. There was the time when you helped a drunk woman get on a train that was too crowded to get on yourself. Or maybe it was the time when you were helping a poor woman with a broken down car. It was these memories that gave you pause, though you were only thinking about it just now. You then remembered the last of these people, and where they had come from. There were trees in the distance, and you had to go home. You didnt want to go back to the shelter, but your parents wanted you to. You had a job, and you had to go to work. You had a partner, and you had to be with her. You didnt want to tell them that they had to go either. You were sick of the shelter, and everything, and the day you saw the house you saw what was left of it. You went to the grocery store, and your mind wandered as you thought about people you had never spoken to, or had spoken too little to, or had spoken to only once, and had never spoken to again. You knew who they were, for you had only spoken to one of them. It was someone you had seen once, but not spoken to since. You had felt the emotion in her voice, the way her breath smelled on the wind, the way her eyes glimmered and her lips were chapped from crying. It was the day you decided not to return to the shelter.

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