A Place In The Suns Danni Menzies hopes Putin is assassinated by someone from inside

Danni Menzies recalls kidnap horror story

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A Place In The Sun presenter Danni Menzies has had her say on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and told of her wish for Putin to be assassinated to help put a stop to the war. She even claimed she’d be willing to try her hand at war reporting directly from a conflict zone.

“It’s just tragic and I really hope someone kills Putin soon!” the anxious presenter, whose Eastern European grandmother also suffered during the Second World War, declared.

“I mean, you just hope someone on the inside kills him, because it’s just absolutely mental.”

Danni has visited over 35 countries, including while filming for the show – but Ukraine is one place she’s never been.

However, she feels so strongly about what’s happening in the war-torn country that she wouldn’t rule out a war-reporting role in the future.

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“I would try just about anything. I mean, obviously most of those reporters were journalists so they do a lot of studying to get there, but I’d give anything a go,” she reasoned.

“It would be very eye-opening and very difficult, I think.”

The 33-year-old, who once dated a former army war hero, added that she already knows several people who have been risking their lives reporting from the heat of the action.

“They’re all ex-army [though].

“To go into such a serious war zone you almost have to have a certain amount of training to make it there, and obviously there’s a big gender imbalance in the army,” she mused.

That said, Danni has admitted herself that she is unlikely to conform to gender expectations or stereotypes anytime soon.

She enjoyed a tomboyish childhood thanks to her dad, and the pair even indulged in a racing car rally across Europe, years after he first taught her driving skills at the tender age of ten.

The A Place In The Sun star, who recently announced her departure from the show to pursue new projects, has also had more dangerous life experiences than her profile might suggest.

One nightmare trip to Mexico earlier in her career, after she scored a modelling job in the capital city, led to her and another girl being “followed”.

She has said that the terrifying ordeal led to her almost getting kidnapped “three or four times”.

Statistically, several of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world – rated by the number of homicides per 100,000 people – are in Mexico.

Some locations in the country are now considered by the US government to be areas to “exercise increased caution” – even those which previously seemed very tourist-friendly, such as Quintana Roo.

Caution is certainly something Danni employed after she was almost bundled into a car and driven away and later, the bolts were mysteriously removed from her bedroom door at the property where she was staying.

The traumatised presenter spent her last night in Mexico City with a sofa pushed against the front door and a pair of scissors in her hand.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Danni, who has a grandmother from neighbouring Poland, is now planning her own philanthropic efforts on behalf of Ukraine.

“I’m going to try to do a litte fundraiser on Instagram but it’s tricky [as] I think a lot of people are already giving so much,” she explained.

“With there being so much press around it and how awful and shocking it all is, I think everyone is trying and being quite generous. My mum the other day was donating and helping give blankets and I’ve been away, but I plan on doing some things myself.”

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