A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman shares where she would buy property abroad

Jasmine Harman visits property by the beach

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46-year-old Hackney local Jasmine Harman has confessed that if she could choose anywhere in the world to live, it’s the Algarve where she would feel the most “comfortable”. The A Place In The Sun presenter told the programme’s website: “Very hard to decide…. but I’m going to say the Algarve.

I have a great fondness for the area as I lived there for several year

Jasmine Harman

“I have a great fondness for the area as I lived there for several years.

“It is so beautiful and I have lots of friends and speak the language so it feels very comfortable.”

The region, spanning the southernmost coastline of Portugal, boasts stunning beaches and picturesque fishing villages, not to mention a great reputation for sunshine, of course.

There’s also a mountain range, the Serra de Monchique, which would be perfect for someone such as Jasmine, who claims her talents include scaling heights in high heels.

She revealed that if she could win an Olympic medal for any sport, it would be “walking on sand in high heels, followed by climbing mountains in high heels. All terrain heels!”

The healthy and active presenter is often pictured online wearing a bikini while dancing and swimming around the beach.

However, she almost took her career in a different direction before turning to travel and property as her major interests.

“[I wanted to be] a vet, until I realised I would have to put sick animals to sleep,” she confessed.

“Then I wanted to be a pop star!”

However, she landed a job at A Place In The Sun in 2004, following a career as a health and fitness expert.

Her time in the Algarve previously involved a role as a marketing manager for a health resort.

While there, she also became the star of local radio station Kiss FM, where she co-presented a twice-weekly live magazine show.

That might be history now – but Jasmine still has fond memories of this stint of living abroad.

She has also helped others find properties that are sometimes astonishingly affordable in their dream locations.

For instance, a highlight was “when Tina the bin-lady bought a cave house in Granada for £14.5k!”

Personally, she loves to film in the Caribbean.

“I definitely have a soft spot for the [area], Barbados and St Vincent in particular,” she admitted.

“So picturesque and the people are so welcoming.

“I’ve not been for a few years and I miss it!”

The TV host, who recently celebrated her 46th birthday, will be back on TV screens soon.

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