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You just hope that Emma Watson can pull it off, because shes obviously got the talent and acting ability to pull it off, but itll need to be a lot of work on her part. She also needs to practice a lot more with her singing, if she plans on doing a lot of voices for the movie. Youre sort of hoping that the kids who do the voices arent that bad, because you dont want these big-ass children to mess things up. Plus, youve seen the movie once and it wasnt bad, so youve got high hopes that this could be a good movie. As for the movie itself, you think its going to be alright. If you were a movie producer, youd probably be interested in it, but then again you dont have a lot of money to start off with and you really dont have any connections of your own to get some of those big names to do a movie. You sort of see yourself having a few of these moviemusic festivals, though you wonder how youd pitch it to Sony. Youre actually sort of wondering if you should even go to the movie if you dont have anything better planned. You go with what you have plannedYou dont really have anything better planned, so why not. Maybe youll even just go along with Emma Watsons voice in hopes that youll do better with your singing. You pack your stuff and check out of your room, wondering how youre going to do this. You dont have a car of your own and you have no idea where you are. You figure youre going have to walk some place, since walking around the city with all your stuff isnt what youre into. As youre heading out of your room to get a bus off of campus, you bump into the girl who was there with you when you slept over last time. I mean of course its bigger since its supposed to be your new home as well as your job. Well, technically no, that kind of falls under the heading of the manager of the dorm, but you all know me and I can help you find a place to live if you want, if youre not going to be the kind of person that wants to live here.

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