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Another person said they were getting compliments on how well their appearance was changing. Occasionally you hear that the cream has a pretty short coming in that its less effectivepleasant than a plainregular moisturizer. Some people said that they had to wait 3-4 days to see any results from using the cream for the first time. You will purchase this product to keep your self well. A Look at the Multi Action Sculpting Cream Overall Summary Price: 55-Amount of Product: 15-How Long Youll Use it for: 35-How Often Youll Use it: 15-Texture: 25-Lubrication: 15-How Often Youll Use It: 65 I am currently on a new sunscreen, so sunscreen use during the day has been really minimal. Ill probably have to wait 3-4 days before my skin starts to look new and better in the morning. The texture doesnt seem at all as thick or creamy as it might be, so it may not last as long in use. A Look At The Multi Action Sculpting Cream ReviewsSome Good It is really affordable. The price is cheaper than many other moisturizers and some of the other moisturizers out there. I dont feel that my skin can feel it after the first time I try it. I have not noticed any dryness after using it, it does moisturize and it feels moisturized after a few days. Its moisturizing enough for me and its not drying and greasy. The application is easy and Ive had no issues with it getting clogged up in the pump. -I wish the cream was a little smoother, but because it is moisturizer, if it felt a bit sticky on my face after I applied it, thats only because its so moisturizing that it has a tendency to clump in the pump. -I wish they had more moisturizing sunscreens. -I wish the cream wasnt quite as greasy.

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