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You can barely keep from repeating the words. The girl who is standing beside you is a little bit pale, maybe because youve only talked to her briefly, but she seems to have a calm expression. Then the girl opens her mouth, and says something. I, I didnt have much time to take it in, so I thought I should get the details right. I said I didnt have much time to take it in and I wanted to get the details right. What kind of girl was Libba Bray back in her time. In the year when she was born, she died a very sad death, probably because of a curse. Her death was very painful, painful for all those who knew her. You dont know if her death was some sort of curse, or if she died because of some medical condition that was brought down upon her, maybe even caused by a curse. Though you were looking forward to hearing the details of it, now that shes gone, you dont feel any desire to, and you feel like youre completely alone. You probably cant do anything about it, so you just go about your life normally. You ask your friend if she wants to stay here, but she says that she wants to go back home and that she cant stay here now that shes told you, so she will probably be returning home when she feels like it. You cant see anyone else, and you cant think of anything else to do, so you ask her to wait until you return. You wish you could go back and tell this girl everything about your past and what happened, but you just cant do it. You dont know if it would help, and youre not really sure if you should tell her. You wait, Well after all, youre alone.

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