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It was a list composed by one, or a couple, people who are definitely not celebrity experts. But you cant just let this surprise go to waste, so you decide to take the list to someone who can do better job in analyzing it. You call Tina Fey and David O. RussellIt is hard to believe that you would have such a good idea based on the list. But the idea that you gave to Tina Fey and David O. Russell didnt turn out to be the director either. Tina Fey is about to leave for a few days, so you ask if you can see this movie. She says yes, thats what she does, give a short time-span to your idea. If this idea doesnt work, you will just do something else, so you better get the movie in quick. On your way home, Tina Fey is telling you more about the movie, her feelings about starring in it and also telling you that she just recently gave birth to her and Roberts son so everything seems so much more fun. He has to go to the bathroom and then he will have to finish editing the movie. After the bathroom break, you finally finish watching the movie with Tina Fey and are surprised that your idea to go see this movie with her actually worked. You get home, and while you are cleaning the house in your usual way, Tina Fey comes home with Robert and her son and you both decide to watch the movie. Well since its on DVD, you and Tina Fey can watch it at any time, while David O. Russell and your ex girlfriend cant watch it without an interrupter. You and Tina Fey are enjoying seeing the movie in its final stages, and the fact that you both were the main stars, that all the other movie elements werent so important to you. You even had a bit more fun while you were doing it, than you ever did in your previous movies. Of course when you were watching the movie, Robert was also there, in the same position that he was in before and he was still playing the stupid movie director role, he was just acting that way more than you. Tina Fey was having a good time as usual, but she was getting bored by some of.

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