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Disney artists have been attributing their artwork to Walt Disneys 1959 Classic Sleeping Beauty for decades. What a lucky gift being a Walt disney fan. Artistic You dont do thisFucking shit. Nothing is more discouraging than coming up with something that isnt going to work out. And while you never want to feel discouraged, the reality is that the only thing that you can do about it is find something else that has a chance of working. You have been so focused on cleaning up the mess, that you forgot to look around the room in a more thorough fashion. You look at your hand from the clock and the pile of dirty laundry. You shake the feeling off and begin to rummage through the mess to get things that might be salvageable; you dont exactly know what youre doing yet, but youre trying for the most part. You start by pulling out a couple of the boxes of towels and washcloths. You throw them into a large trash bag. You grab a sheet of black and begin to carefully put it on the wall. You look at the clock and realize that the whole process will take quite awhile. The wall needs to be a dark color, but nothing that would be too garish. You look at the clock and think, Should I paint it while Im at it. Ill be up all night, whats to stop me from just going through the entire wall and painting the whole damn thing. I dont know about the smell, but I bet I could at least wash this room. Just gotta get this stuff out of the way, I guess,You grab a washcloth, a bucket of water, a rag, and some detergent.

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