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Well, youre not a fan of the cult-favorite status, so you decided to try the new stuff the Beauty Blender has to offer. You grab a few tubes and place them on your counter. They dont look or smell all that remarkable, but they do feel really weird and heavy-tasting. This stuff might be different than the other stuff Ive tried, you say. The beauty blender operator looks a little surprised, but agrees to try it and the two of you go over how the stuff works. The beauty blender operator is an older woman who appears to be in her mid-fifties She demonstrates how it feels in his hand and on your face before she and you run the thing over your face. You almost dont want to touch it, but you do, and the sensation is wonderful. You think it is possible you could actually get used to it. Perhaps it will not be as good as the stuff from a regular beauty blender, but it is sure as hell better than what you had been using before. The beauty blender operator says that the beauty blenders are usually very expensive, but she will cut the price in half if you buy this one. While you are listening to her, you also glance at the other beauty blenders in her store and note that they are all in the same price range as the beauty blender you are trying on. You take it to the register and the beauty blender operator tells you to come back later when the price is reduced. You watch as the beauty blender operator takes the package, and turns to you. I know you might be wondering, but thats the final price, the beauty blender operator says. The beauty blender operator shakes her head at your response. Youre impressed, but unsure as to where you stand with this. You go back to the beauty blender operator who is no longer with you and she gives a quick explanation of how the product is different from its competitors and how it is a great value. You have been so happy with this purchase you dont even care if the price is reduced, the concept is fantastic, you wont be looking for another beauty blender again if this one. As you leave with the little beauty blender, you realize youll soon be one of those people buying beauty blenders with no idea what theyre using. The beauty blender operator then tells you shes going to go over to the other beauty blenders she has in her store which are also priced similarly to the beauty blender you bought.

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