90s Sitcom Star & Walking Dead Alum Brett Butler Admits She's Broke, Sets Up GoFundMe To Avoid Eviction

Brett Butler has once again found herself in quite an unenviable position.

After reportedly earning more than $25 million starring in the 1990s-era hit sitcom Grace Under Fire, the talented TV star with the throaty, memorable voice is now completely hard-up for cash and struggling with facing eviction from her home.

Butler first struggled with the risk of homelessness and being nearly flat broke just about a decade ago, all the way back in 2011. But to hear her tell The Hollywood Reporter this week, it sounds like things have taken another turn for the worst — and she’s now asking for GoFundMe help to get back on her feet.

Speaking candidly about her financial situation, the Walking Dead alum revealed she’d fallen six months behind on her rent as of last month, and was officially facing eviction. The 53-year-old didn’t know what to do, but a friend started the aforementioned GoFundMe for her, and now, it seems to be picking up steam.

Butler said:

“I told him, ‘I might’ve waited too long to do this, but I am so screwed right now.’ I’ve been ashamed. Almost ashamed to death.”

After initially asking for $15,000, the campaign picked up steam, and they upped their budget target to $20,000.

At that point, the take crested the $20K goal — as of this writing, Butler’s pulled in over $26,000 from the fundraiser — and the longtime actress is starting to feel a little guilty. She quipped to THR:

“What’s the cutoff line between needing something and being absolutely greedy?”

No kidding.

But it’s inspiring that more than 500 donors have stepped up to help her in this time of need!

Of course, there’s a flip side to this, too: back in her Grace Under Fire days, Butler was pulling in $250,000 Per episode and totaled about $25 million in salary before the show was canceled in 1998 amid her public struggle with drug abuse.

She became hooked on Vicodin at the time and, as she reflected to THR, her addiction made for a very, very swift downfall:

“I was out of my mind. Drugs will do that to you. The show should have been pulled sooner than it was. I’ll definitely take the hit for the crash and burn. I think a lot of missteps go into things before they get to that point on different people’s parts — but I was the star of the show, so I need to take that full-on. I’m awfully guilt-ridden for a gentile girl.”

Thankfully, Brett says she’s clean now — and has been since that terrible last year of the show in 1998.

As for the exorbitant amount of money she made on the series, she revealed that bad financials decisions combined with being “a little too trusting” with her employees led to this:

“I had a lot of things stolen. That’s just stupid on my part, not to have insurance for those things. And to loan and give a lot of money away. I really just felt so guilty for having it — I almost couldn’t get rid of it fast enough.”

Can’t even imagine…

Regardless, at least it looks like she’ll be able to get back on her feet and back to a better living situation with the help of this GoFundMe.

If you want, you can support it HERE.

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