90 Day Fiancé Gets SCARY! Big Ed Thought He Was 'Going To Die' During Gunfire On First Date!

90 Day Fiancé fans know Big Ed, aka Ed Brown, is off the market once again these days. The star of the spinoff 90 Day: The Single Life brought the fiancé part back to the show by getting engaged last month to his on-again, off-again girlfriend Liz Woods.

But since it takes a while for reality TV to catch up with reality, we’re now getting a peek into Big Ed’s dating days before that happy event. And boy is it more harrowing than we ever expected.

No, we’re not talking leg hair or outdoor showers with a bucket. This was something really scary.

On Friday’s all new episode of The Single Life, Big Ed finally goes on his first date with Kaory, whom he traveled to Mexico for to meet in person after getting along online. The date is actually going well — until suddenly people rush in telling them to cut the feed. And it’s soon clear why: gunshots ring out, and they’re close by.

You can see a preview of the shocking moment (below):

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Speaking about the event later, Ed said:

“It was crazy, everybody starts rushing into the restaurant and the police are outside going, ‘Everybody get down, get down.’ And I heard, pop, and I heard two gunshots.”

He and Kaory sat on the floor of the bathroom just hoping it would end safely. Big Ed recalled:

“ was the first person into the bathroom. And I held her, and we closed the door and we just trembled. At that moment, I thought I was going to die… I was thinking this was it. There was no way out. It was a feeling of hopelessness, and I was scared to death. And I was looking at Kaory, and Kaory has this look of just, disappointment. She was in disbelief that this happened.”

The Mexico native said she was upset because this made her city look bad — and it was NOT some common thing in Mexico as is so often depicted in movies. In fact, as Ed later learned, this was hardly Sicario outside:

“Basically it was a communication breakdown between two law enforcement officers, and one fired a gun and one bumped a car, so it was a big misunderstanding, not drug gun fire, which we thought it was.”

Obviously they didn’t know that at the time. For all they knew they were going to be shot dead then and there. The traumatic event actually turned into a bonding experience as Kaory said Ed felt “grounded” and gave her peace.

Once they knew they were safe, Ed took a bold step and invited his date to his hotel room so she could “calm down and relax.” He told cameras:

“What just happened was horrifying and Kaory is very upset, so, instead of sending her home I invited her to my hotel. But Kaory is very conservative, so the thought did cross my mind that this would be a little too forward, but I simply asked her and she agreed to come back.”

Wow! He continued:

“So at this point, I’m really feeling a connection with her. Perhaps Kaory has feelings for me, and as bad as the shooting was, it will always be a part of us. So this is an opportunity for us to take that and really build on it.”

They even scheduled a second date!

However, as we know this isn’t the beginning of an epic love story. And you could see the cracks already forming as Ed starts to ponder logistics of dating a woman who lives in another country. He wondered aloud:

“We are starting a foundation to possibly fall in love but then how does it work? Like, where do I live, how much money am I gonna need? There’s a lot of moving parts to love but I hope that Kaory was able to see a side of me that I care about her.”

Thankfully there is a happy ending to come, just not in Mexico with the lovely Kaory. But who knew there would still be surprises to come like this, right??

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