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S not like it means shit anyway. A news article about how a woman got pregnant while she was over in Japan years ago. Re not getting any younger any time soon. M already getting tired of keeping up on all this bullshit. Well maybe YOU will have a sister like me one day. T work for you anymore, she tells you to leave and tries to make you leave by pulling at the door. Ll do what you have to do to get out of here. You swing the door open and rush off. Re completely out of breath and your heart is racing. You have to get back to the house where you can get your mind off everything. Ve never left your house before, so this is definitely new to you. T find your old house yet, but you do find a new place. You walk around it a bit and then head inside. Oh, just coming in to get a drink of water. Ve still got some thoughts to sort through. After getting yourself calmed down again, you go back up the stairs and head back to the.

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