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SteveYou decide to take a chance that your new acquaintances have nothing to do with each other. You turn and see Steve looking at you from the corner of his eye. As you expected, he just stands there. You put your hand on his shoulder and say, Hey, Steve. Steve moves closer to you as he stares at you with those piercing blue eyes. He stares at you for about a minute before he turns away and walks toward the door. Steve grabs your arm and looks at you. There is only a few seconds of staring at each other before Steve turns back and heads toward the door, leaving you alone at the counter. The look on your face clearly states that you are wondering what the hell hes going to do. The moment he leaves the restaurant, you follow him to a different exit. When you reach the door to your car, you take a deep breath and try to stay calm as you ask, Is there something I can do to help you. Just help me get to my car, please. You get in the car and you drive off. You get into your car and get ready to drive. You start the car and turn your radio on, but its all you can do to stay in your own little world. Just thinking about what Id do if I had to kill someone right now, you know. Youre not sure if shes joking or not, but you cant really tell. This is the first time youve had someone ask you that. You start to think about the scenarios that could come to mind. The worst one, you could shoot a man in full view of an entire restaurant, leaving the whole place in chaos and everyone running away. The second one, you could shoot someone you knew, like your boyfriend or your house owner, just out of anger or because he was verbally abusive. The third one would be for any kind of money. You can get hundreds of dollars worth of drugs, or maybe you could find drugs that cost less than a few dollars. If you killed him for money, who would take care of the expenses. You dont kill him for drugsYou stop yourself from starting to think about how youd do.

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