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How do you think Natalie is going to do in her music career. You sit back, and watch the couple kiss. Ve always thought that being close to such couples would be very fun. S kiss and then you hear a commotion. You see a bunch of mutants with machine guns. You rush back and tell Natalie to call your parents. You think you can still do something right now, but you have to find someplace safe first. You go back to your place and hide inside it. You call your parents and they tell you to stay put. They want you to take cover under a car. You comply and wait for the attack to die down. T move and you can hear gunfire and explosions going on outside, but nothing coming into your house. T want the mutant attackers to get you. One of the mutants approaches you and you do the only thing you can think of. The mutant is about to catch you when suddenly a loud explosion goes off right by your head and the mutant falls down dead. Re not dead though, but still dazed and shaken up. Re probably not going to survive this day.

Information about 38 year old celebrities