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And crew, including actors, actresses, directors, writers, and more Rating: 7,110 – 252,486 votesEmma Watson in Beauty and the.

The casting directors had their hands full. A lot of it is up to them to decide what to look for, whats interesting and whats not, so their work is hard to judge as a whole when they have so much going on. However, as youll see, we were able to put a little bit of it into this years list, so it was worth it. All told weve compiled a list of the people we think are in the best positions to decide what makes the cast. We cant say were entirely unbiased, though. Emma WatsonIts hard to imagine Watson will actually be in the show, but she is a huge fan in her own right, and she would fit right in as Belle, especially in the current setting. Dan StevensHe was already a celebrity in his own right, so hes already a big deal in casting terms. Hes also a pretty good actor, and we think hed make the most entertaining, lovable, and humanly interesting Belle. Ryan ReynoldsHe was pretty popular in his time and has the screen presence and charisma to make a good Beast. We dont want to sound like were taking our pick in a biased fashion. Emma RobertsShes an actress who plays characters who arent necessarily traditionally good and is in a good position to make some of Belles more selfless actions seem more believable. We dont think shed be good at Belle, especially in character. Dan FoglerHe has done some of the best movies of the last few years, The Kids Are All Right, The Heat, Zoolander 2 Hes also very good at writing funny jokes and would make a good Beast too. What we love about it is that he could probably do more than one role, which would allow for a ton of different portrayals. Tom TaylorHe has done a ton of different acting styles, which hes obviously comfortable with. Its not hard to imagine him as a lot of different characters, and hes a talented director and actor, too. Luke EvansHes worked with Emma Watson on The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the latter also recently did an interview with the New York Times, where she talked about the fact that shes worried about some of the young people out there who, Im sure, have watched Beauty and the Beast and are thinking, Oh, what if I were that Belle.

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