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Image: Actress Sofia Gabbiadini died aged 66 on 28 March. You continueSo, you are gonna write an essay. The essay is going to be about what your 2016 was like and what it will be like in the coming year. You just tell the reader to make a guessassumption that you are going to give a realistic estimate of how things are going to go and what is going to happen, but that it will not be 100 accurate in reality, because you are just trying to keep the mood going in your own head before you start writing. You are also going to make a few assumptions and some comments, which is okay, because its part of the essay. You are going to go to the moon, and then go back after the moon becomes dead in the sky. It may be a bit hard to do, but you are thinking of a few specific things you want to do:Get yourself a job, because even though you think you are pretty smart and educated, you are a nobody in a world of super-heroes that have more money. In fact, you are going to go from job to job until you find one you are happy with and dont mind working in. This is a big change in your life, but you think you can do it. There are a few of those in your high school that you know who are more fun than the school girls and you want to have fun with them, even though they are not your real friends. You think, Go back home to your parents. You can never go home again. For years you were in a place that was not your home and now, you are going back to it. You can get the place for free in the town where you live now and you can rent it from the owners daughter for a time.

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