1991 beauty and the beast

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If shes here, shes probably got a car here. You need to find out where the closest gas station is and where the closest car wash is. Therere probably a few places in the area that she might have some sort of contact information for. As you ring the doorbell, you see a woman wearing a purple dress walk out of her front door. Shes a bit shorter than you, her hair in a ponytail and her eyes a little wider. Still, youre not really surprised shes home so you knock instead of calling her attention to yourself as you would have normally done in a situation like this. Im just getting my car washed. Im your next door neighbor, you say. You wait for some timeYou just wait until she goes to bed and then ring the doorbell, knocking three times. Just knock three times and then Ill open up. Its the middle of the night and I need my car washed, not the middle of July, and I have to get to work. Soon, your phone rings and you answer it. Its another one of those annoying automated voice messages that you get every now and then.

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