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You get your first glimpse of them as they appear on one of those fancy, big screens that hang from the ceiling; you start to recognize them, but you cant quite place them in the crowd. Its so big, your eyes stutter until you can make out the faces. Theyre so beautiful; they make that screen seem like a crummy, low-res television. But they get to the concert too late. The lights are switched off, the music fades out as the crowd and the screens disappear. You stare blankly at the wall, seeing nothing but emptiness in this room. It occurs to you that youve been here for an awfully long time. You head backYou walk through the door, returning to a room much like the one you left. You feel very strange walking into the room, yet somehow, you are much more at ease. You find yourself looking at your own face in the mirror; you look so different and you can only imagine what others look like. The room is so empty, you stare at nothing for several minutes until you feel you need to move on. You begin to walk back towards the lounge, but suddenly you stop. You turn around and look out the window. The lights are on, the screens are on, and above you, you can see the stars. You begin to wonder if you should go on. You waitWhen you look toward the TV screen, you see something youve never seen before. It shows an endless, endless world of stars and planets and galaxies. You turn your head toward the living room, and you see the screen. The camera has been pointing in that direction; it could be watching you for hours. There is nothing to be gained, no benefit to be gained. The screen continues to remain silent, watching you. You enter a new worldYou continue to stare straight at the screen. You may not have known the answer until now, but surely you must have learned. You press play on the TV, watching as your image fades from view and the world fades into the background, but not completely.

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